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Kinder Pingui cake

Kinder Pingui cake

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Beat the yolks well with the sugar and vanilla. Gradually add semolina, flour in the rain mixed with baking powder. Gradually add the milk, oil and honey and then the cocoa powder. Beat the egg whites with salt separately. Mix the two compositions with a spatula. This mixture is divided in two and bake 2 sheets on medium heat for 20 minutes. The toothpick is tested.


Whip the cream with the hardener well.

Add honey and vanilla essence and finish with condensed milk

The gelatin sheets are soaked for 5 minutes in a little water and then put in a steam bath until they dissolve.

Allow to cool for a minute and then mix with the cream well.

We put the cream in the fridge and then we take care of the icing


Melt the chocolate in a sea bath, add the butter and oil. We cool it, we make the other one and we let them cool a little.

Assembly: top, cream, first glaze, the rest of the cream, top and second glaze.

Refrigerate until the next day.

Video: Cake in 5 minutes! You will be making this cake every day. WITHOUT OVEN! Napoleon cake #192 (June 2022).


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