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5 Savory Foods That Are Even Better Dipped in Chocolate

5 Savory Foods That Are Even Better Dipped in Chocolate

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Think outside the fondue pot with these sweet and salty combos

Which of these combinations have you tried?

The intense cheesiness and saltiness of the chips plays really well into the sweetness of the chocolate. I went with the standard Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos, but I’m more than eager to try Cool Ranch.

Chicken potstickers are an excellent candidate for dipping. The savory dumplings provide contrast to the sweet chocolate dip, which intensifies each element of the chicken and vegetable filling. You can even add some soy sauce to the melted chocolate for a sweet and salty dip.

Salt and chocolate is a near-perfect pair, and French fries are a great shape for dipping. So why not dunk your fries in some melted chocolate?

A bit of a riff on the classic cheese cube submerged in chocolate fondue, but with a tad more salt and a lot more crunch.

The creamy, mild flavor of mozzarella makes the sweetness of milk chocolate extra intense. Mozzarella dipped in dark chocolate makes for a more evident flavor contrast, but be warned: you’re going to want seconds.

8 Reason Why We Don’t Eat Seaweed Anymore

Seaweed has been a favorite snack in our household for ages. I have always felt good about my kids eating their sea veggies. It seemed like a great way to get minerals into their diet. Consuming seaweed has become very trendy in many parts of the US. But, alas, another food source disappears out of our diet. No more seaweed for this family!

Before I begin, I want to explain that I am a lover of the sea. I have lived on the coast all of my life starting on the coast of Finland, to the coast of Sweden, to the waters off of New Orleans, to the Atlantic Coast, and finally my West Coast home on the Pacific Ocean. I big part of my diet over the years has come from the sea. I was raised on all sorts of fish and shellfish. I do love me some clams dipped in butter and garlic.

Sadly, however, my days of eating from the sea are over. I have been in semi-denial about the pollution in our ocean waters for some time. Giving up my sushi dates with my teenager has been hard. But it’s time to face the music. It’s time to see the truth. Our oceans are deeply contaminated with radioactive poisons from the fall out from Japan. Radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan is now actively in the ecosystem all along the North American west coast.

I gave up eating seafood when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old. I didn’t want to expose her to anything in the womb. The accident in Fukushima, Japan happened right around that time. After her birth, our family continued to avoid seafood for the most part, except for seaweed. We have always loved it. It’s so good for you, right?

Seaweed offer one of the broadest range of minerals of any food found on earth. It is loaded with B vitamins (folate, pantothetic acid, and riboflavin), magnesium, iron, and calcium. It also contains the cancer-fighting compounds called lignans. And as many of us already know, seaweed is also nature’s richest sources of iodine which plays a critical role in thyroid function.

But, it is my opinion that the devastating contamination that has occurred now far out weighs the health benefits of continuing to consume seaweed.

Serves: 8
Nutrition: 273 calories, 11.6 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat), 80 mg sodium, 35.5 g carbs, 3.3.g fiber, 24 g sugar, 11.2 g protein

On the run, but hungry for a snack? Bake up a batch of these peanut butter bars to have on hand for any time of the day. These bars are packed with protein and filled with natural sugars that will keep your energy up all day!

Get the recipe from One Ingredient Chef.

20 Copycat Recipes for Packaged Foods

These 20 from-scratch recipes for boxed or canned foods are easy to make, delicious, and less expensive than their packaged versions. Make these copycat recipes and enjoy eating without added chemicals or preservatives.

As a newlywed, all I knew how to make was boxed or packaged food. Rice-a-Roni, Hamburger Helper, and Wheat Thins were on our shopping list nearly every week.

After a surprise layoff at the company we both worked at, we had to really stretch our budget. Our grocery budget was $25 a week! That was the beginning of my journey into cooking from scratch.

I was happy and surprised to learn that homemade recipes taste better and are far less expensive than boxed foods, even when those packaged foods are on sale. Plus we didn't have to read labels for hidden ingredients like MSG or preservatives.

Here's a collection of my favorite copycat recipes for packaged foods. Give them a try--you'll love them!

Even though I grew up eating these cute AF panda-shaped snacks, for some reason the matcha-flavored ones I picked up in Tokyo tasted so much better. The classic version is filled with chocolate, but the biscuits come in a range of other flavors, including strawberry, milk, and matcha. Not only are these pandas delicious, they're also fun to play around with before you bite their heads off.

Inside Mitsuwa, the Best Grocery Store in America

9 Classic Jewish Foods Even Goyim Can’t Get Enough Of

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Where my people at? There are some things that Jews just get. They understand your jappy side, your constant jewish geography connections from camp and, of course, your obsession with food. But hey, it’s not our fault our food is just so scrumptiously irresistible. This is the ultimate list of Jewish foods everyone wants to eat on the daily.

1. Challah

Nothing screams Jew-time louder than this golden brown loaf of happiness. A Jewish classic, the hardened outer shell tears apart, exposing its fluffy insides. Whether it’s dipped in honey or smothered with butter, this staple is always 100.

Leftovers? Have no fear, hit some of these ideas up. No challah left behind.

2. Ba(e)gels

This is a passionate subject of mine. I like to believe people originally came up with the term bae to describe the relationship one might have with this magical food. Coming from a gal who would take a trip to NYC just to get the newest, trendiest bagels, nothing beats these all around faves.

From your classic cream cheese with lox (stay tuned), to being stuffed with the all-time favorite of mine (BECAT – bacon egg cheese avocado tomato), heck, even throw some mac and cheese in there for gigs, these things take your average sandwich bread to a whole new level. Bagels are forever the original and best bae.

Honestly, I could say it better myself than this article right hur entitled 7 Bagels That Are Better Than Boys. Sorry boys, scooch on over.

3. Kugel

Hello holy wonderfulness. Combine your idea of yummy, fluffy egg noodles with a sweet gooey consistency that just melts the second it reaches your mouth. The first time I had kugel, I admit, I was a bit confused. Why are these noodles so sweet? But that questioning immediately disappeared when I took my next bite… and then the next… and then the next… and the next.

Whoops, the pan’s gone, who did that? Hit me up with a plate of this scrumptious dish any night of the week and I’ll say l’chaim to that.

4. Coconut Macaroons

No, I don’t mean the colorful Macaroons from Laduree on every food blog or white girl’s instagram nowadays. These hefty little desserts fill your tummy with coconutty goodness suitable for a sweet-treat craving any day of the year. And hey, chocolate can’t hurt right? Dip these little bundles of joy in a hot pan of milk chocolate for a little extra oomph of yum. If you want a good time, follow this recipe.

5. Latkes

Photo courtesy of

Nothing smells better than mama frying up some potatoes on the stove. What are two of the world’s greatest things? Potatoes and pancakes, straight up. So, what if we were to combine the two? Utter deliciousness. Sizzle sizzle, little lovelies. Tell me this picture doesn’t make you want to lick your computer screen, yeah, thought so. You can lick them in real life, too, just by following this recipe.

Wanna go even crazier? Take latkes to the next level with this bad boy.

6. Lox

Say hello to a bagel’s best friend. Honestly, I ain’t a fish lover. I think fish are super cute and fun to look at in the tank at my doctor’s office, but hand me a piece of raw tuna and I gotta pass. Lox, on the other hand, I’ll take in bulk. This salty, fishy classic pairs perfectly with cream cheese on top of, you guessed it, a baegle. A classic Jewish addition that even makes a fish-hater salivate.

7. Matzah Ball Soup

Photo courtesy of

Chicken soup is the all-time cure-all. But adding matzah balls gives it that extra oomph of perfection. These fluffy white balls of utter deliciousness soaked in mama’s chicken broth makes Matzah Ball soup the real deal. Sorry chicken soup, I love ya, but throw in some of these while you’re at it.

8. Flourless Chocolate Cake

Ditch the flour because this is the real deal. Imagine chocolate cake. But minus the fluffiness. Minus the icing. Double the density and richness. I know, I know, it does exist. And yes, it rocks.

Flourless chocolate cake gives a new meaning to chocolatey. For a true chocolate lover, like myself, one tiny slice is all it takes for a truly satisfying chocoholic experience. I mean, just look at this.

Honestly. Look. Keep looking. Don’t stop looking. Take it all in. C heck out this flourless chocolate cake for a truly epic experience.

9. Chocolate Covered Matzoh

Photo courtesy of

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, chocolate makes everything better. It’s not up for debate. Dark, milk, white, whatever it is, smother it on a brick, and I’m sure it’ll be tasty AF. Passover is that dreaded time of the year when us Jews have to say goodbye to our beloved bread *tear* and say hello to bread’s uglier twin sister, Matzoh.

I’ve tried all the recipes in the book to make this dry, crunchy substitute somewhat tasty (butter and salt, pb&j, pizza, nutella, you name it) but chocolate matzoh might just take the cake. We might have to eat unleavened bread, but this ish is yummylicious.

Guest post – 5 Healthy Foods Even Your Children Will Love

Though it’s sometimes difficult to convince children to eat certain foods, good nutrition during the early years of life is crucial for healthy development. It can be tricky to ensure your children are getting the nutrients they need if they’re picky eaters, but with the help of some new recipe ideas, your kids will quickly begin eating healthier without even realising it.
Many of your children’s favorite recipes can be slightly altered so they’ll be more nutritious. For example, if your kids are more likely to eat sweets and often refuse the vegetables you put on their plates, some creative ideas will help you sneak some more produce into their diet.
Starting small with something every kid loves is a great idea. For some extra help with getting your children interested in eating a more balanced diet, here are five healthy foods they’ll love!
1. Avocado
Avocados are great since they provide a good variety of vitamins and minerals such as pantothenic acid, vitamin K, folate and copper, just to name a few. They also contain antioxidants known as carotenoids, which are important for eye and cardiovascular health. Most interestingly, avocados don’t just contain carotenoids, but they also help you absorb them better as well!
It’s simple to get children interested in eating avocados since they have a mild flavor and work well in recipes that can replace or mimic some of their favorites. For example, chocolate avocado pudding is a healthier alternative to regular pudding, and it freezes well in popsicle molds, creating a treat that is great for summertime snacking.
Avocados can also be mashed to create dips—hummus can be made with avocado—or it can be used in place of mayonnaise in egg or chicken salad. Pureeing it with lemon juice and herbs works well for pasta dishes, and you can add it to sandwiches and smoothies quite easily.
2. Almond Butter
Almond butter can be used in place of peanut butter in any kid-approved recipe you already use that calls for peanut butter. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, so they may reduce the risk for heart disease. The nutritional profile of almonds is impressive, as just a quarter cup of sliced almonds contains 49 percent of the recommended daily value of biotin, and they are also a good source of vitamin E, manganese, copper and magnesium.
By blending almonds in a food processor to create almond butter or purchasing premade almond butter, you can increase the likeliness of your children enjoying almonds so they can reap the health benefits of consuming them. If you choose to purchase almond butter instead of making your own, just be certain to read the ingredient label. Avoid almond butter that has added sugar and/or hydrogenated oils the simpler the ingredients, the better.
You can use almond butter to create a sauce for pasta, spread it on apple slices or celery sticks, make granola, top oatmeal, or use it to make a healthy shake that can satisfy your children’s desire for sweets. Blend your family’s choice of milk (use unsweetened, non dairy milk made from almonds, cashews or peas since it works just as well and cuts down on calories) with cocoa powder, banana, a handful of ice cubes and some almond butter to create a shake that’s suitable for any time of day.
Flourless muffins are also great, as they can serve as a snack, breakfast or dessert. Simply replace the peanut butter in this recipe with almond butter. For less sugar, omit the honey you’ll still end up with good results! Stevia-sweetened chocolate chips can be used for an extra reduction in sugar, or replace the chocolate chips with berries for something different.

3. Sweet Potato

Your kids are certain to love sweet potatoes. They can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. There are also different varieties of sweet potatoes available, some of which your children might find intriguing since they’re literally purple! Some sweet potatoes are starchier than others, whereas others are sweeter, so you’ll have to experiment to find which your kids prefer.
White-fleshed and purple-fleshed sweet potatoes tend to be starchier than the more common orange-fleshed varieties, so you’ll want to use those for most savoury recipes. How you prepare sweet potatoes can increase their sweetness too baking or steaming them will give the best flavour.
Overall, sweet potatoes are nutritionally amazing. A single cup contains 214 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin A, which is important for eye health. They also contain a good amount of vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, biotin, potassium and fibre!
Sweet potato chips or crisps are a great replacement to the usual ones made from white potatoes since they’re more nutritious. Other ways you can incorporate sweet potatoes into your children’s diets are to puree them and add them to batter (pancakes, biscuits and muffins), make soups, mash them and spread them on unsweetened raisin toast, and sneak them into a frittata or burgers. It’s simple to use them as a substitution for white potatoes in recipes too.

4. Berries
Berries provide important antioxidants your children need to combat the negative effects of free radicals and maintain a healthy life. Despite their somewhat sweet taste, they’re low in sugar compared to most other fruits, making them a great choice for snacks, breakfasts or desserts. Berries tend to contain a good amount of vitamin C, fiber and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients such as resveratrol.
Making smoothies and adding a mixture of berries to batters is a simple way to ensure your children are getting them in their diets. Pureed berries mixed with water or coconut water can be frozen in popsicle molds for a great summer treat. You can cook them down to create a sauce or jam for adding to foods such as yogurt and pancakes. Making gummies or infused water are two creative ways that will get your kids interested in eating berries if they aren’t too fond of them.
5. Salmon
Salmon and other fish are important foods to include in your children’s diets. They contain healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, that are crucial for brain and heart health. Since kids are growing, it’s even more essential they are eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids. If your kids won’t eat fish or your family is vegetarian, try adding ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil to recipes to ensure they’re getting enough omega-3 fatty acids.
The best way to introduce the pickiest of eaters to fish is to include it in a recipe they’re already familiar with. Use it in place of tuna in tuna salad, for example. Using sauces and marinades can help, as well as adding salmon to soups and pasta dishes.
Getting and Keeping Your Kids Interested
One simple way you can get your kids interested in eating healthier is to involve them in meal prep and cooking. Ask them what they would like to eat, and introduce them to different recipes. There are plenty of kid-friendly cooking channels on YouTube you can watch with your children, which can inspire them to make healthier choices as well get involved in the kitchen.
“Cook With Amber” is one of the best cooking channels for kids, though it isn’t the only one available. Since Amber is a kid herself, it’s easy for other children to relate to her, and her recipes are often simple yet incredibly healthy.
Don’t hesitate to browse through YouTube for other great cooking channels your kids will love too. If you run into any issues viewing the videos, take a look at Secure Thoughts’ guide on how to access region-blocked content.
Introducing new, healthier foods doesn’t have to be a struggle. By swapping ingredients out in recipes your kids already love and getting your kids involved in cooking, your children will be able to enjoy eating a variety of foods that not only taste good but are good for them.
Do you have any recipes you’d like to share that include these five healthy foods? Are there any cooking channels on YouTube your kids enjoy? Post them in the comments.
About the Author: Cassie is a tech blogger and health advocate. As a mom, she knows how difficult it can be to get kids to eat well, so she enjoys sharing her ideas and experiences in hopes of helping others.

14 Foods That Are Even Better Than a Significant Other

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Ahh, Valentine’s Day. A girl’s best friend, a girl’s worst enemy. One year, you’re celebrating life and love over a candlelit dinner lakeside, staring longingly into your lover’s eyes. The next, you’re sad and confused, sprawled out on your kitchen floor wondering if it’ll be legal to marry your dog by the time you’re 30.

All of the tears and heartbreak aside, there is one thing that remains constant on Valentine’s day every year, and that’s the food.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s day as a bachelor or bachelorette this year, here are your go-to foods for the long day filled with paper hearts, bad chocolate, and unwarranted PDA.

1. Nutella-Stuffed Hot Chocolate French Toast

You’ve been up not even 10 minutes and you’ve already seen your ex’s Instagram with his new girlfriend captioned with something vomit-worthy. Stay calm. Don’t throw anything. Cut the bullshit and start your day right. Nutella is major key here, make this Nutella-stuffed hot chocolate French toast.

2. Tater Tot & Bacon Grilled Cheese in a Waffle Iron

Go big or go home with this monstrous cheese creation – tater-tot & bacon grilled cheese – which is probably sexier than your ex anyway.

3. Ice Cream

This is an obvious necessity. When you thought you knew someone and then they go and shit on your heart and your life, it’s important to focus on the things that you do still know to be true. That, my friends, is Ice Cream. Ice cream is truth.

4. Pizza Rolls

Let these homemade pizza rolls give you the strength you need to know that your ex is a dumbass, and that the combination of cheese, bread, and tomato sauce is more powerful than the combination of tall, dark, and handsome.

5. Chocolate-Covered Fruit

Who doesn’t look sexy eating a strawberry? So why not put some on a stick, cover those bad boys in chocolate, and get to work on these chocolate-covered fruit kabobs.

6. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

You’ve finally come to the conclusion that this whole “love” thing just isn’t for you. You find yourself wishing you could go back to a time when boys had cooties, and mom made you grilled cheese and tomato soup after a long day of throwing sand at them in the park.

7. Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Photo by Lavanya Narayanan

Since you won’t be going out to any fancy brunches paid for by Prince Charming, you finally have time to actually make one of those unreal-looking spinach artichoke dips you see on your Facebook feed every day during class. And hey – there’s spinach in it.

8. More Nutella

We already know that Nutella will love you back, so why fight it? Embrace the love with this Nutella-stuffed brown butter pie… Yeah.

#SpoonTop: Save time and skip the utensils.

9. More Pizza

Photo courtesy of @chicken4god from Instagram

There is most likely a Valentine’s day 2-for-1 special going on at your local pizza place, but if you’re not trying to go in public (which is very understandable), this goat cheese and arugula pesto pizza should do the trick.

10. Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of

You is smart. You is important. You deserve a cupcake.

11. Double Bacon Cheeseburger With Extra Everything

Photo courtesy of

Your heart is already broken, so you might as well clog it up even more with some of that good good.

12. Nachos

Photo courtesy of

Nachos are traditionally a sharing food. What’s the best part of a sharing food? When you don’t have to share it with anybody. You won’t have to wait long either with this 15-minute loaded veggie nachos recipe.

13. Valentine’s Day Chocolates

This is just kind of a middle finger to the whole f*cking day. You don’t even have to eat them. Step on them, chew them up and spit them at people, throw the whole box off of a fucking mountain I don’t care, whatever makes you feel better.

14. Wine

You’ve made it. It’s 11:59 pm on Valentine’s Day and you’re still in tact. Take out the wine, pop the cork, and sit the f*ck down. Tomorrow is a new day.

5 Foods You Should Eat When You're Trying to Make a Baby

Selenium is a mineral that, in small doses, can have some big impacts on your health. It has already been connected to fertility, and now researchers have found that may also play an important role in battling cancer. So if some is good, more is better, right?

Not in this case. Mark Moyad, M.D., author of The Supplement Handbook, explains that this is one of those situations where less is more. "Too much selenium (200 micrograms a day) has been associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, aggressive prostate cancer, and skin cancer recurrence, and with no benefit for heart health," he explains. "Selenium is a wonderful and probably disease-preventing nutrient where both too little and too much can be harmful."

One way to ensure that you're not overdoing it on this mineral powerhouse is to get your selenium from food. "Eating foods with selenium might reduce the risk of cancer, but taking selenium to prevent cancer has shown no benefit [in research]," says Moyad.

Most people are able to meet their average recommended intake simply through their diets, but if you're on the low side, consider adding these foods to your shopping list, as suggested by the National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements.

Brazil Nuts
Far and away, Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium, with 544 micrograms (mcg) per ounce (six to eight nuts).

At 95 mcg per serving (3 ounces), tuna comes in second place. Choose the Wild Planet tuna for more responsibly-caught tuna with lower levels of heavy metals.

Other selenium-rich seafood includes halibut (47 mcg per serving), sardines (45 mcg), and shrimp (40 mcg). We recommend avoiding Atlantic halibut&mdashPacific halibut is generally okay, and sardines are on our good list, too. However, there are a lot of problems with shrimp, so we'd suggest looking for selenium elsewhere.

Pork, Beef, and Poultry
Like fish, meat is rich in selenium. Ham has 42 mcg per serving, beef has 33 mcg, turkey has 31 mcg, and chicken has 22 mcg. But, also like fish, there can be a lot of other nasty stuff, such as antibiotics, hiding in these products, so always opt for organic, pasture-raised meat.

Cottage Cheese
This delicious dairy not only comes with a healthy 20 mcg of selenium, but it has 103 mg of calcium per four-ounce serving, too. Just make sure the kind you buy doesn't have carrageenan in it.

Rice, oats, and even corn flakes contain selenium. Rice and oatmeal are the best grain-based sources. Here's how to avoid arsenic in rice.

The Supplement Handbook is a publication of Rodale, Women's Health's parent company.

Steamed or Fried? Mantho, Betso-Betso, Cheng Pao and More by Ya Chou Foods

Ya Chou Foods specializes in authentic Taiwanese delicacies for both wholesale and retail, combining both tradition and modern technology for all its products. Ya Chou Foods offers a wide variety of products from dumplings and dim sum to mantho, rice balls, meatballs, rice cakes, sauces, fresh noodles, sausages and even mooncakes. All you need to do is open up a bag for a sumptuous feast in minutes.

The best way to get acquainted with Ya Chou Foods is their line of Mantho available in a variety of flavors. Who doesn't love these buns? Simply place in a steamer, toaster or frying pan with just a drizzle of oil.

Mantho or mantou is a traditional Chinese steamed bun and is a popular staple in Asian cuisine. Soft yet filling, each pack contains nine buns ready for steaming or frying. Ya Chou Foods offers six variants of Mantho including the classic white Cream Mantho, Wheat, Brown Sugar, Onion, Ube, and Cuapao.

The soft texture when steamed is almost similar to the local rice cake or puto but a whole lot denser, while a crisp outer layer gives it even more texture when fried. Perfect when dipped in condensed milk or with a generous dab of butter, the mantho buns pair well with savory dishes as well like braised pork, beef and seafood.

Ya Chou Foods also offers a savory flat pancake, the Egg Pizza and Onion Pizza. Just like the Manthou, the prep time is just a few minutes. To prepare, simply add a tablespoon of cooking oil to a pan and fry until golden brown. Turn over once for an even pan-seared finish and it's ready to serve.

The Cheng Pao by Ya Chou Foods is a savory dumpling filled with vegetables and noodles. A type of toasted siopao, these buns are quite filling with rich flavors. Ya Chou Foods also offers several varieties of the familiar siopao, from the Bola-Bola Siopao and Asado Siopao to Mini Mongo Siopao, Vegetarian Asado Pao, Vegetarian Chay Pao and special Birthday Mongo Siopao. Dumplings? Ya Chou Foods has that covered with their Pork Dumpling, Vegetarian Dumpling and Soup Dumpling. And Dim Sum too like the Wanton, Siomai, Squash Cake and Radish Cake. Need some sauces? The spicy Chili Sauce and Pork Maso Sauce should do the trick.

/>Then, it's time for the steamer starting with Ya Chou Foods' Fresh Siolong Pao or Soup Dumplings. Packed in protective plastic trays, each dumpling is securely in place, ready for the steamer. The rich notes of the broth with minced pork drapes the palate with savory flavors, followed by the chewy dough. Perfect.

The Betso-Betso is a long and crisp doughnut like stick that's easy to prepare. Just deep-fry for a few seconds until crisp and golden brown or heat in an oven toaster for two minutes. Like all of the products of Ya Chou Foods, the unique flavor and texture of the dough used makes their products stand out for both authentic and real flavors.

Like the local bicho-bicho, you can dust the Betso-Betso with some sugar, or dip in a cup of thick hot chocolate like churros. Fresh from the fryer, the fragant aroma of the crisp, soft and chewy dough enhances the subtle sweet and nutty notes of the Betso-Betso.

The lightly crisp texture is retained long after being pulled out from the pan, and you'll probably want a second cup of hot chocolate. Or coffee. There's something nostalgic about the Betso-Betso from Ya Chou Foods, recreating the flavors of street vendors with their deep-fryers on mobile carts, and you'll love it too.

And it's easy to go through an entire bag. And why not. With its soft and chewy texture capped by a lightly crisp outer layer, once you start, it's hard to stop.

And the best part? It's easy to prepare for a quick snack, guaranteed to satisfy any mid-afternoon craving. Just pop it out of the bag straight to the pan. Easy.

The soft buns of Ya Chou Foods, the Mantho, are another popular item with its delicate sweetness and soft, chewy bite. The different colors identify the varieties of Mantho, from the classic white Cream Mantho to the Brown Sugar, Wheat, Ube, Onion and Cuapao variants.

Lightly seared on a hot pan with just a little oil, the soft buns are finished with a golden brown and lightly crisp crust for contrasting texture. These buns are good as is, but you can pair it with a variety of savory dishes like braised pork belly.

Each bun has its own subtle and distinct notes.

. and it's hard to pick just one. The original white Cream Manthou pairs with almost anything, from sweet to savory dishes while the Brown Sugar and Ube variants are just what you need for a sweet snack.

But these buns are quite heavy, better save room for the next item from Ya Chou Foods.

. the savory Cheng Pao. With its savory filling of vegetables, the Cheng Pao is a heavy snack, a meal in itself. The thick yet soft and chewy dough holds up well all the way to the last bite.

. and the golden brown outer layer completes it. You can also opt to have your Cheng Pao steamed instead, but the pan-seared version offers richer flavors and textures.

Watch the video: Top 10 Foods That Are Delicious with Chocolate (July 2022).


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