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Marbled check with sour cherries

Marbled check with sour cherries

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I used the term inspired by Constelatialeu, I never made cherries from cherries but here having nothing I found a few cherries in a jar in the fridge, not too much sugar, only three eggs a little butter, and m- I got to work, to change a little the poor man's biscuits because it was soured from me. What I had came out of what I had.

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 glass (150ml) and sugar
  • 1 glass of milk
  • 100 gr butter
  • vanilla sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 2 glasses of flour
  • cherries (from cherries here)
  • 1 tablespoon semolina for cherries

Servings: 12

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Marbled check with sour cherries:

In a bowl I broke whole eggs, I added the glass of sugar and vanilla sugar and I rubbed well until the sugar dissolved, I added the butter (to be soft enough) to be able to mix well with the eggs and sugar, I rubbed until it becomes frothy, then I add the milk, mix well until it thickens, then add the quenched baking soda with a drop of lemon or vinegar juice, and flour.

Mix well and put the composition in a greased and lined tray with baking paper (for me without paper). I left a drop of the composition and mixed it with the spoon of cocoa. I mixed the cherries with a spoonful of semolina because they were too juicy, I put them over the composition in the tray and then with the rest of the cocoa composition I played on top of the one in the tray. I put the tray in the oven previously heated to 180 gr . and I left it until it turns golden and the edges come off the tray easily.

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In the cherries for the cake at home I put a pinch of breadcrumbs or crushed biscuits.

How to make Cherry from home

Cherry, cherry, raspberry, homemade apricot, old recipe, natural with all the secrets, as it used to be. Fine homemade liqueur made from fruit.
You can find the written recipe here:
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#visinata #ciresata #zmeurata #caisata

Romanian Traditional Cherry Recipe

How to prepare the Romanian Traditional Cherry
► Detailed recipe ♨
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Visinata -Cherry brandy | Everything for everyone

How to make a fragrant cherry. How to make a fragrant cherry brandy. Facebook: Cook with mom
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Florio, a recipe you have to save! I've known it for many years!

It is prepared quickly, it is simply amazingly tasty!

The secret to preparing home kvass

Kvass is very carbonated and with a large foam.
Recipe below Video.
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Black bread 400 gr
Water 4 liters
Fresh yeast 10 gr
Sugar 150 gr
Raisins 50 gr

1) Miscellaneous cakes, desserts and sweets:
Simple cake in 25 minutes is ready

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3) Medovic cake without kneading

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3) Smoothie and various drinks

Mint liqueur - homemade recipe - Gina Bradea


Rose, fine rose liqueur, old, simple recipe

Rose, fine rose liqueur, old recipe, simple, step by step. It is an extremely fine and fragrant liqueur, really special.
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Cherry cake Sour Cherry Sheet Cake | JamilaCuisine

The cherry cake is for me some of the first desserts I remember. My mother used to make cherry cake quite often in the summer, because we had a cherry in the yard, and my aunt used to make it for my aunt at first, and then I started making it myself. Grandma also had cherries in the yard, but a rather sour variety, so the cherry cake was the best choice for us. Not to mention the sweet-sour combination I love.

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Cherry syrup - @viata la casa

It is a classic, simple recipe that will result in a very tasty syrup. We invite you to subscribe to our channel and don't forget to ring the notification bell to see the following simple life concepts.

Cherry candies / Cherry balls or biscuits made of biscuits, rum and cherries

Cherry or sour cherry candies, a sweet with a childhood taste! They are also known as Drunk Balls with rum and sour cherries or cherry bulbs.

Bulgarian biscuits, fast and cheap. The taste is more than a delight, it must be tried

500 ml milk, 500 grams of simple (popular) biscuits, 250 grams of sugar, 250 grams of walnut kernels, 50 grams of cocoa, 150 grams of butter, 50 ml of sour cherry or liqueur, a rum essence, cherry from compote or sour cherry and flakes of coconuts about 200 grams. It is possible to add more biscuits or milk depending on the humidity of the biscuits. Good job and good appetite!

Homemade cake with cherries.

Braga - healthy and refreshing, from only 2 ingredients, drink all summer.

Wonderful taste, which does not look.
Here is the written recipe:

This information does NOT replace medical prescriptions and treatments.
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Cherry syrup and sour cherry jam, 2 in 1 recipe - Gina Bradea

Cherry syrup and cherry jam, or cherries, recipe 2 in 1 without much boiling, without preservatives or aphrines, without gelfix. Simple, quick recipe, as our mothers and grandmothers used to do. The recipe written step by step here:


Diplomate fruit roll, the taste of childhood ideal for New Year's Eve JamilaCuisine

THE PERFECT DESSERT FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE - A super diplomat roll with fluffy pandispan top, fine and tasty diplomat cream and fresh fruit. Decorated with natural whipped cream and with a wonderful taste! The ideal dessert for a successful party!

Diplomate fruit roll

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The easiest recipe for Negresa with Cherry Jam - Put all the ingredients and mix.

Blackberry Recipe with Cherry Jam.
The simplest recipe for Negresa Cake, with Cherry Jam - Put all the ingredients and mix.
We use the same cup for all the ingredients, to keep the proportions. If you want to make a smaller cake, then use a smaller cup, and keep the number of cups used for each ingredient. Including eggs. Our cup can hold 5 eggs. If you will use a smaller cup, place as many eggs as possible. Thus, the composition of blackberry will have the perfect consistency.
It has a delicious taste, and the secret that makes it even more special lies in the syrup poured at the end over the turned cake. Thus, the syrup is completely absorbed, and the bottom remains crispy. It will definitely become your favorite dessert, being so easy to prepare. It is a cake for beginners, or for the lazy, when we are in a hurry and want to make something sweet quickly. It can even be used as a cocoa top for cakes. If you want, fill the cake with cream and decorate it according to your preferences. It will be the tastiest cake top. It can be served with coffee, or with a cup of warm milk.
Thank you for following us, and we are waiting for you with other simple recipes.

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Step cherry recipe with pictures on steps - I have been planning to make a house cherry for a long time, but not a simple one, I wanted to cherry grandma. I usually told my mother about the classic cherry recipe - the one with ethyl alcohol, I tried it but it seemed extremely alcoholic. My mother was surprised and told me that she didn't understand why we were getting complicated - my grandmother would put cherries, sugar and leave a lot of damigeana under the tree and an extraordinary cherry would come out, a kind of cherry wine. And I prefer it like that, low-alcoholic, only with what she fermented naturally and I tested the recipe for 1 year to see how it looks and keeps it in the closet and in the fridge. I poured the cherries into a jar and sealed it - it looked great over the winter and spring in the simple apartment closet. So is the one in the fridge, so the thing with alcohol as a preservative here is not mandatory.

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Homemade cherries - the traditional recipe Aromatic dishes

#bucatearomate #retetesimple #visinata
The traditional homemade cherry recipe. Cherry is a Romanian drink, a cherry liqueur present in the home of any householder, especially on holidays or when he has guests.
It is exactly the best time because now the cherries are very well cooked, sweet and full of flavor. If you want to make a larger quantity, all you have to do is multiply the quantities in my recipe.

2 types of alcohol can be used to stop fermentation and each method has its followers:

- refined double alcohol, 96 degrees
- weaker alcohol, 60 or 40 degrees, but of good quality and without specific flavor. For example a good vodka, but not homemade plum-flavored brandy.

I always use 40-degree vodka because I generally make liqueurs for ladies, and my ladies prefer them sweet, flavorful, and low-alcohol.

If you know that the men of the cherry family will drink too, then I think you want to do it harder and you will have to use double refined alcohol.

1 kg cherries with seeds
500 g sugar

variant 1 - weaker cherry
500 ml vodka 40%

variant 2 - harder cherry
500 ml double refined alcohol, 96%

Preparation instructions:

Wash the cherries and remove the stalks.
In a large jar (3 liters) place the cherries and sugar in alternating layers. The first layer should be fruit, the last layer of sugar.
Place a gauze or paper towel and a saucer over the mouth of the jar. In this way, the fermentation gases can come out.
Allow the jar to ferment at room temperature for 10 days. Stir every day to help the sugar dissolve.
After 10 days, pour the alcohol and screw on the lid of the jar.
Keep the jar in a cool, dark pantry for 2 months.
Strain the cherries and keep them in the pantry, in stoppered bottles.
The sour cherries are kept in jars with lids and used for desserts.

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Visinata of note 20!
For many years I was preparing the classic cherry recipe that many people prepare, this year I prepared a new recipe, in fact it is not so new because I knew it for a long time, but I did not prepare it because the cherries "swallow" a lot of alcohol .
It's not a problem if you like cherries in cherries or you can use cherries in cakes.
It is a simple recipe and requires a little waiting time but it is worth it.
The cherries kept in the sour cherry give it a pleasant cherry aroma. Serve with ice cubes in summer!

2 kg of cherries
2 l double refined alcohol

Put the cherries in a damingen, put alcohol, put a tight stopper and leave it in the dark in the cold room for a week.
The cherries will keep their color and remain strong.

After a week, prepare the syrup from the water and sugar on the fire for about 10-15 minutes until it "binds" a soft bean. Let it cool.
We mix the cold syrup with the alcohol with cherries and leave it cold and dark again for a week after which it can be served.
For refining, do not use other types of alcohol such as: brandy, brandy, etc.
The cherries in alcohol will give a beautiful rose / red color and very clear cherry.
Sugar cherries give a slightly cloudy color to cherries and cherries are soft and brick.

How to make Cherry from home

VISINATA - Natural homemade drink

Cherry is the most common homemade drink in Romania. It is usually made by housewives, and appreciated by housewives :)
Cherry is not a very strong drink, and the aroma and pink color persist over time. Most of the time, we happen to find cherry bottles from the house from the past years, if we are not big consumers. However, a glass of cherries is appreciated by any guest, and the remaining cherries go very well with cakes, especially those with chocolate. In the future, we will make a sweet recipe with these cherries in alcohol. Follow us!
How to make Visunata from home
# CumsefaceVisunatadecasa # papipapi #papipapicuisine

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Raspberry - Homemade drink

Raspberry, Murata, Cherry, are the favorite drinks of Romanians when it comes to a glass of strength. It is true that most Romanians have a bottle of plum or apple brandy or other fruits around the house. But as if it had a sweet raspberry aroma, the drink would be even more appreciated by guests. So, take the bottle of brandy out of the closet, and let's turn it into a refined drink, which will also be to the taste of the ladies.
How is Raspberry Made? Well, from a kg of raspberries and half a kg of sugar, we get 5ooml of raspberry syrup, which will be mixed with 2l of alcohol.
We will get a beautiful color and a raspberry flavor.
#papipapi #papipapicuisine

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Frying, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Cherry Recipe prepared eCULTFOOD

Recipe - Visinata | TV kitchens

If until now you took cherries from a relative, it's time to learn to do it yourself.
You can find the recipe written here

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Anto's Kitchen - (Impressions about this recipe can be found on the Cooking with Antonela channel Click here)

Homemade Cherry Recipe - fragrant, healthy and full of vitamins

5 kg ripe cherries
2 kg of sugar or honey
1 l double refined alcohol of 90 degrees

Wash the cherries cleaned of stalks and put them in a 10 liter carafe, or in large bottles with a wide mouth, the vessel being 75% filled.
Lay layers of cherries and sugar, the last being sugar, after shaking the bowl well.
Leave on the heat covered with gauze but not tightly sealed, 10-20 days, until the cherries leave their juice and the sugar dissolves completely. Stir daily.
Then add the alcohol, all over the mixture, or just over the syrup, and the fruit can be removed and used for cakes.
After maceration with alcohol, for 2-3 months, you can add brandy, rum or vodka, according to your preferences. Each has its own aroma.

Enjoy with tasty food and healthy recipes!
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Visinata! And two recipes to choose from!

I made with simple cherries but if you want try the second recipe.

Cherry brandy!
1 kg of cherries
400 gr sugar cough
alcohol about 500 ml / 1/2 kgr
1 glass / plastic jar of 3-4 kgr (for putting cherries with sugar)

Cherries (if you don't prefer them with meat, leave them in the water to cover them for about 1 hour or add a little salt, then wash the cherries well.
Put them in a jar in layers: a row of cherries, a row of caster sugar and so, on top of the sugar, mix lightly (roll the jar, to better powder the cherries with sugar).
Leave the jar in the sun for a few days until the sugar melts and becomes syrup, but be careful to roll the jar slightly because the sugar remains on the bottom of the melted jar.
When you find that you already have the syrup, then it is necessary to add enough alcohol to cover the cherries, mix lightly and leave it in the sun again (the jar is covered) for a few weeks after which you put it in sealed bottles and keep it cold for the holidays. to bear fruit and it will be extremely tasty. It is said that the more it bears fruit (the longer it stays), the more fragrant and good it becomes.

CHERRY with blueberries or black cherries

3 kgr visine
400 gr black / related cherries
vanilla (by preference)
1,800 kg of sugar
1 l double refined alcohol
1/2 l rom
1/2 l of vodka
Put the cherries in a damingean, add the cherries / blueberries, add the sugar with a little vanilla and a few crushed cherry seeds.
It is left to soak for 3 days, shaking the Damingean 3-4 times.
Add the alcohol, rum and vodka, cover and leave to soak for another 30 days.

Advantage: you get a fragrant cherry and you can use the cherries for cakes, chocolate potatoes, etc.

Limoncello, lemon liqueur, Italian recipe, made one hundred percent at home!

For more live video clips and culinary discussions you can find me here:

Marbled cherry cherry cake - Recipes


Tormented muffins
With sour cherries
They are lined up on the set
And I laugh with tears at a chocolate.

What you need for 12 tormented muffins:

  • 250 gr flour
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 350 gr yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • an envelope of baking powder
  • 100 gr melted butter
  • 100 gr finely chopped chocolate (I used milk chocolate and white chocolate) from cherries

For the glaze:

  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa
  • 1 tablespoon butter

WORK PLAN tormented muffins:

  1. put in a bowl the sugar, eggs, yogurt (picture 2). Mix. Gradually add the melted butter (picture 3). Mix until well blended.
  2. Sprinkle flour mixed with baking powder and mix. Sprinkle the chocolate pieces.
    we put in each form of muffins (we also used mini-guguluf shapes) composition up to half the shape. Add sour cherries (without seeds) then cover with the rest of the composition.
  3. Leave in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes, until the muffins pass the toothpick test.
  4. For the icing, put the sugar and water on the fire in a kettle. Let it boil for a few minutes, add the cocoa and leave it on the fire for about 1 minute. Remove from the heat and add the butter. Stir until dissolved. We decorate as we like these muffins tormented with sour cherries. Pour the icing, then decorate with white chocolate flakes.
  5. Make this recipe for tormented muffins! Good appetite!

Cherry Seed Syrup

To make this cherry recipe, first clean the fruits and wash them and then put them in a glass jar covered with 1 kg of sugar. Put the rest of the sugar over the syrup and cook for another hour. Ready with the philosophy to get to work read the continuation.

Cherry Syrup Or Other Fruits Gastropedia Wonderful Recipes Traditional Recipes International Recipes Desserts And Menu Recommendations

Cherry Jam and Cherry Syrup Prepared Suddenly Laura Laurențiu

Cherry Syrup Without Boiling Raw Cold Cold Flavors

Cherry Syrup Without Boiling Recipe Book

Winter Cherry Syrup Made From Whole Fruit Readings And Flavors

Mint Cherry Syrup Recipe

Just remember that cherry pears of plum cherries or some almonds contain amygdalin which is a toxin that can cause gastric irritation vomiting dizziness and dizziness so it is recommended to consume them only in small quantities.

Cherry syrup with seeds. I also put the sweetened cherries in well-pressed jars with the lid on quickly. I poured into bottles through a sieve funnel. All we have to do is prepare a glass of cold cherry syrup with mineral water and a few ice cubes. The syrup lasts very well and 2 3 years.

Published by geo on 03 43. We did what we did and hop in the pantry and we stole a little more syrup, we combined it with soda and we enjoyed it at speed so that our mother wouldn't catch us. Email to the blog. When the fruits are covered with syrup, add the alcohol and tie the carafe with cellophane placed in two on top of the cork.

Served sour cherry with cherry seeds is served cold with ice cubes. What's more, when preparing the cherry syrup, I shoot two rabbits at once, which I use for cakes, and the cherry syrup does not need to start the stove at all. The whole process is done cold. So the poor mother had to take more of it to stay for the guests. Natural sour cherry syrup sweet and sour as in the past.

The cherry syrup was indispensable in our house, my mother filled the pantry every year with the delicious syrup. The bottles with cherry syrup are hermetically sealed with sterilized lids or stoppers and can be taken to the pantry. Cherry with cherry seeds is left to soak for a few days. For today we present the cherry syrup as we have been preparing it for years and we have never failed with this syrup.

Here's what experienced farmers say. But what can you do with cherry or cherry seeds. Raspberry or cherry syrup can be prepared according to the same recipe. If you haven't slipped now is the time.

This year was with cherries a year with a year without nature you don't put but you put when you have something to put and we don't make chicken soup but just a cherry syrup. You may also be interested in the recipe for cold-preserved cherries. The syrup can be consumed with mineral water or can be used as such or diluted in the preparation of cakes. Put the lids on as soon as the syrup is hot.

Homemade cherry syrup according to my grandmother nicolaie tomescu's strawberry syrup recipe. I made cherries for cakes and because they were very juicy and they left a lot of juice, I said that some syrup also works. 3 kg of cherries weighed with seeds. for the syrup I had the juice from 3 servings, ie 9 kg of cherries and 4 5 kg of sugar about 4 l of juice. Add a handful of sour cherries or bitter cherries over the fruit and leave to soak at room temperature for two weeks.

Video: Pruning sour cherries after hail damage (July 2022).


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