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5 places Bradley Cooper likes to eat and stay around the world


When it comes to wooing women, be it co-stars or the world’s top actresses, Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper likes to treat them to romantic dinners around the world.

Since making a name for himself pining for Jennifer Garner’s character in Alias from 2001 to 2006, Cooper has gone on to star in movies like He’s Just Not That Into You, The Hangover (and its sequel), and Silver Linings Playbook, the romantic comedy which opened in theaters Nov. 21.

Since his brief marriage to Jennifer Esposito ended in April 2007, Cooper has reportedly dated such A-list stars as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez, and Zoe Saldana among others. From Los Angeles to Europe, Cooper has taken these leading ladies on romantic dinners and glamorous getaways.
Here’s how to travel like Bradley Cooper:

  • Cooper reportedly headed to the coast of Spain in August 2009 with his Case 39 co-star Renee Zellweger. The duo was also spotted that summer dining at Italian eatery Antonucci in New York City and the Smyth Hotel in New York's Tribeca neighborhood before jetting off to Spain, according to
  • After his brief fling with Lopez in fall 2011, Cooper had lunch with French actress Melanie Laurent at Ralph's, a restaurant adjacent to the Ralph Lauren store on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris in November 2011. The same day, the duo shared a private dinner at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, according to US Weekly.
  • Bradley Cooper started off 2012 with a ski vacation with pals Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio and his on-again girlfriend Zoe Saldana. The group spent New Year’s at the invitation-only Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Mont., according to Hollywire.

Even when he’s not jet-setting with a leading lady, Cooper’s hectic schedule keeps him on the road, where he indulges in the world’s best food. At the after-party for the premier of Silver Linings Playbook at the Royalton Hotel in New York City on Nov. 12, Cooper sampled Sheila G's Brownie Brittle, according to US Weekly.

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.

Style Guide: How to Dress Like Bradley Cooper

It’s hard to recall now, but Bradley Cooper’s style was once more tacky than tasteful. Pre-The Hangover Part II-era Bradley Cooper could be spotted attending noughties premieres sporting spiky bleach-tipped hair, overly shiny suits and shirts, ill-fitting clothing, and just generally bad fits. However, come 2012, Cooper’s career took a different turn with roles in films like Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond the Pines, with his sartorial style following suit.

A significant portion of his sartorial success can be attributed to celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati who is also responsible for dressing the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Rami Malek, Armie Hammer, and Donald Glover. Urbinati told The Independent that Cooper was one of her first clients, approaching her to dress him for The Hangover press, recalling that at the time “he was literally about to burst into being Bradley Cooper.” Urbinati styled him in a three-piece suit, a look that became one of his standbys for the next decade. Of late, the A Star Is Born actor and director generally looks pretty crisp, however, is still prone to some sartorial missteps.

Here’s how to nail the best Bradley Cooper style moves.

Bradley Cooper Battle with Addiction and Path to Sobriety

Last year, Bradley Cooper made news headlines when he was thanked by Brad Pitt at the National Board of Review Gala. After winning the NBR’s award in the best supporting actor category, Pitt made an award speech where he said that Cooper helped him to get sober. While Pitt quit alcohol more recently, Copper had become sober way back in 2004 when he was just 29.

Surprisingly, the actor who is well-known for the Hangover trilogy spent most of his acting career alcohol-free. Though he used to drink during the early years of his acting career, he got sober much before he got a breakout role in Wedding Crashers.

In this blog of ours, we will not discuss Bradley Cooper’s stardom but how he got into drinking habits and his journey to sobriety. Today, we will look into the struggling life of Cooper and how he dealt with addiction to alcohol and painkillers.

About Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is an esteemed actor and film producer in Hollywood whom every person has at least heard about once in life. Cooper became famous due to some of his early works in shows such as Alias and Jack and Bobby. Since then, Cooper became famous for many successful movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, American Sniper and Hangover Trilogy. He has also been nominated for various awards like the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. One of the most prestigious awards held by Cooper was given by People Magazine by naming him “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2011.

Why did Bradley Cooper quit drinking?

In one of the interviews in 2012, Cooper said that when he was an addict, he “always felt like an outsider” and “lived in [his] head.” Cooper said that he was obsessed with what people thought about him that ironically drive him to take critical steps. He quit drinking to ensure that people saw him as a good actor and person.

From Cooper’s description, he seemed worried when he was addicted. He felt that he would “actually gonna ruin [his] life,”. Although, he did not accept that he had any physical problems but ignored encouragements from his friends to quit drinking. Finally, Cooper decided to quit drinking when he felt that his drinking habits can potentially impact his personal and professional life.

Bradley Cooper’s Addiction beginning stages

Bradley Cooper always admitted about the darkest phase of his life when he was addicted to alcohol and painkillers. He demonstrated how the seasons passed in front of him when he noticed the amount of air he had lost. This made him feel like a failure when at times, he showed a tendency to commit suicide. He went into depression and started believing that his directors would write him off the scripts.

Because of the suicidal thoughts and depression, Bradley Cooper turned towards painkillers, drugs and more alcohol. Even after taking such substances, his feelings regarding depression and worriedness did not fade away but provided him with instant relief. This shows that even an esteemed actor and producer like Cooper can be pressurised to turn towards unhealthy substance addictions.

Working Toward Sobriety

Bradley Cooper decided to reveal his addictions and struggle in public in the year 2012. Cooper said that he has been struggling since his early 20s until he was 29 when he finally decided to sober up. Cooper’s addiction to alcohol and painkillers journey began to affect his life and career which made him pushed to get help.

He explained that there was a time when he was so drunk that he smashed his head against a concrete and had to go to the hospital. However, his ambition drives him to fight against his addictions and get his life back on track like a sober person.

The Addiction Recovery and Success in Bradley Cooper life

One of the key changes seen in Cooper’s life’s transformation to sobriety often remains unarticulated. By quitting drinking, he had to undergo many changes like improving health and professional life. Although at the beginning of his career Cooper went into the path of destruction due to self-obsession, he quit drinking and was able to turn his fortune around besides setting himself up for huge success.

Once Cooper decided to get help, he found a popular rehabilitation centre that introduced him to 12 step recovery programs. The programs followed by the actor can be attributed to his success and current lifestyle. One best part is Cooper always share his addiction experiences and implement them even in a better way like in his movies The Hangover and A Star is Born.

Bradley Cooper relationship with Brad Pitt

After Cooper came out of his struggles successfully and transformed himself into a sober person, he helped Brad Pitt to become sober. Due to Brad Pitt’s divorce from Angeline Jolie, he developed a drinking habit that turned him alcoholic. After a convincing talk with Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt decided to take things far and revoked his drinking style.

Just like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt participated in AA meeting along with joining the 12-step program that helped him too. Pitt said that he liked both the meeting and the program since there were “men sitting around being open and honest in a way I have never heard.” He liked the way ‘safe space’ was provided to them with little judgments made by others.

During his appearance on James Lipton's "Inside the Actors Studio," Cooper said he always had an interest in pursuing acting, but he wasn't sure if he could make a legitimate living off of it.

Georgetown University, where he attended college, didn't offer a theatrical acting major, so he chose to get his degree in English instead.

However, he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2013 that he applied for an MFA graduate program at The New School in New York and thought if he could get in, it would ease his nerves about chasing the dream.

If he didn't get in, his plan was to intern at a theater somewhere in Philadelphia.

Tuesday Things.

1. I am admittedly not a fan of dates. Actually, scratch that. I do like dates. But I don’t like bars/brownies/cookies that claim to taste like “the best peanut butter chocolate cookie you’ll ever have” only to taste like… dates. See example: Larabars. But these dates dipped in chocolate are the kind that I can get behind. Love this as a snack.

3. Recently saw an article about what not to put in your garbage disposal, and it made me laugh because that is a huge point of contention between Eddie and me. He tries to put EVERYTHING in the garbage disposal, like once I’m pretty sure he put a banana peel down there. It’s one of our biggest fights in the kitchen and utterly hilarious.

4. This past weekend I created a howsweeteats user on the Peloton if you want to follow along! I’ve been riding under that this week and it’s super fun riding with some of you at the same time!

5. TV things! I actually really loved This Is Us last week. Loved the back story of Beth and it was so refreshing to see something else. Per usual, A Million Little Things was so good too. Eeeep.

6. I got so excited when I saw the Aladdin trailer – I think it’s because my mom and I saw the broadway show a few months ago! I’m on the fence about the Lion King but I’m sure I will probably like it. Fun fact: I never liked any animated movies when I was younger until Beauty and the Beast came out. I’ve never seen Bambi or the Little Mermaid.

7. Some of my favorite Oscars looks: Regina King (prob my #1), Angela Basset, J LO, Gemma Chan and Lady Gaga.

8. Speaking of! We had a wind storm on Sunday and right as Bradley Cooper finished his first verse of Shallow, the power went out. It came right back on but the cable takes like 20 minutes to come back to life and I was dyyyying. Their chemistry is insane and I love it but I also think… publicity stunt?

Insider claims Bradley Cooper broke Lady Gaga's heart after secretly splitting

Lady Gaga is reportedly telling her inner circle that Bradley Cooper "broke her heart", after their secret relationship quickly dissolved.

This week, American publication Life & Style revealed that the pop sensation and The Hangover star were, in fact, the real deal, however, made a conscious decision to keep their budding romance under wraps.

"There’s no doubt about it - Lady Gaga fell head over heels for Bradley during filming and promotion of A Star is Born," a source told the magazine. "She thought he was “the one” and assumed he felt the same way – until recently."

Although Bradley's alleged attitude spelled the end of their short-lived fling, with rumours swirling he "totally backed off", the unnamed source has since sensationally revealed that those closest to the pop icon fear she's being "strung along" by the hunky A-lister.

"She’s telling friends he broke her heart," reports Life & Style.

WATCH: Lady Gaga has a dramatic fall while trying to get in car

I would love to cook for Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts: Soundarya Sharma

Young beauty Soundarya Sharma, who played the lead role in the film Ranchi Diaries which was produced by Anupam Kher, is a great cook. The talented girl is a big-time foodie and loves to eat as well as cook for her loved ones. In a candid chat with, Soundarya shared her favourite recipe and food interests. Check them here.

What is your favourite cheat food?

What would your last meal on Earth be?

Ghar ka khana anything in veg preferably made either by mom or dad.

Do you cook at home? What do you make?

Yes, since I’m a vegan I make everything or anything vegetarian especially Indian. Kathal, Karela and Aaloo Gobhi is my specialty.

Share a recipe with us:

My staple and healthiest breakfast is Moong daal cheela with homemade mint sauce: Take a handful of moong daal n soak it for 2/3 hours, grind it and make a paste, add ginger, green chillies, cilantro, and spices with half a tablespoon of olive oil. In a pan, take some olive oil and prepare a slice of cheela.

14 His Daughter Has A Very Long Name

Cooper and his longtime partner named their little girl Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. That is a whole lot of name for a tiny little girl! We have to say that we love how this famous power couple gave their daughter a simple, sweet name that is not too wild and outside of the box. Lea is perfectly delicious. She shares both her mother and her father's surnames, so the pair is not married, but still entirely committed to one another. Love the name as we may, it's going to take some time for little Lea to master writing all of her names once she hits elementary school.

Bradley Cooper holds hands with daughter Lea, 3, as they pile up in the snow in New York

In the aftermath of a blizzard, Bradley Cooper and his daughter Lea braved the New York cold by holding hands. The dad-daughter duo wore stylish winter outfits for their after-school walk.

A blizzard passed New York on February 1, but that didn’t stop the A Star Is Born actor Bradley Cooper for getting her three-year-old daughter back Lea from school two days later. After school was over, the adorable father-daughter duo were pictured around town braving post-blizzard chills in stylish winter outfits. Bradley, 46, stayed warm in a navy coat coordinated with his blue sweatpants, while his daughter went for more vibrant colors in a puffy pink snow jacket and outfit with BurberryThe brand’s tartan check pattern.

Bradley Cooper holds the hand of his daughter, Lea, after picking her up from school in New York City on February 3, 2021 (Photo credit: BACKGRID)

For accessories, Bradley rocked a gray baker’s hat with black sunglasses and a face mask in the same color, while Lea looked so cute in a purple and blue puffball beanie, pastel pink mask and sunglasses. miniature Uggs boots. The father-daughter pair held hands as they walked down the sidewalk in their cold-resistant sets.

The whole family was seen together when Bradley reunited with his 35-year-old ex model Irina Shayk, to take their daughter Lea to the FAO Schwarz toy store in New York on January 22. The family of three were seen getting into the same vehicle after exiting Lea looked especially happy as the toddler walked over to the car in a bright red coat.

Bradley Cooper gives his daughter, Lea, a piggyback ride. (Photo credit: MEGA)

Although Bradley and Irina reportedly ended their relationship after four years together in June 2019, the parents didn’t let the split get in the way of their co-parenting. “[Brad’s] the best dad, he’s so bonded with Lea and shares all the chores on an equal basis with Irina, ”said EXCLUSIVELY a source close to the exes. HollywoodLife in March 2020. The insider added, “There is no ego involved, he puts his daughter’s needs first and luckily Irina does the same, which is why it works so well.

A few more months after the quarantine, Bradley provided an update on his quarantine situation with Lea. “I’m with my daughter and mom and two dogs, and we haven’t left the house,” the Hangover star told Interview magazine in August 2020. He added, “My mom is going to be 80 and she has a colostomy bag, so I can’t let anyone in the house. And I can’t leave the house, because if she gets it, it’s over. I run a preschool for one man… We get up, take swimming lessons in the tub, and it looks like Bradley and Lea are leaving the house for special occasions – like going out together!

Essential Cooper Fashion Items


Cooper looks to independent brand Candy & Caviar specifically for his casual plaid shirts, while Canali&rsquos blue slim-fit business shirts slip well under a suit jacket &ndash the spread collar detail allowing for no-tie etiquette.

The bold designs of Vivienne Westwood are Cooper&rsquos favourite for topcoats &ndash in an array of colour: wine, charcoal and royal blue. His shiny jackets seen in NY lately is a Parajumpers Gobi bomber. Coopers ultimate satiny, nylon cropped zip jacket comes from Dolce & Gabbana as a royal blue Harrington number. Another bomber go-to is a navy and beige jacket from Salvatore Ferragamo.


Cooper is chameleon with his suit types and cuts, and shifts through a few top designer brands. He likes Tom Ford for a luxe three-piece suit and keeps him on speed dial for a customised tux. He favours the Dsquared wool two-button suit and a blue mohair costume from Salvatore Ferragamo.


It&rsquos all about the cashmere sweater for Cooper, which he slips over button-ups shirts with jeans for the day or chinos at night. Opt for Acne for the structure or Balenciaga for super luxury materials.


Going hybrid, Cooper pairs Red Wing&rsquos Iron Ranger brown boots with two-piece suits for a heritage-meets-hiker look. Cooper&rsquos more traditional oxford shoes, worn with a tuxedo or three-piece and usually in dark brown, can be found at shoemaker George Cleverley and Italy&rsquos Berluti. Suede biker boots are Gucci-inspired and sneakers are retro-look, seen walking Beverley Hills in the olive green J. Crew X New Balance 1400 model.


Cooper never wears a suit or tux without a magnificently, metallic timepiece on his wrist &ndash flashing it to the cameras at the Golden Globes. His go-to? The automatic-winding pilot&rsquos watch from IWC with a substantial 46 mm stainless steel case and alligator strap. Apart this, all expression is left to woven, silk ties, which he leaves plain or striped business ties with minimal flecks of personality. He&rsquos been known to travel with a sports-look carryall. Opt for the Herschel Supply Co. Strand Duffle bag for overnight travel.


Seldom in a clean, raw denim, Cooper likes to keep casual gear retro with vintage wash jeans. The finish remains clean, often with multiple pockets and utilitarian zips for a bit of ruggedness. Worn day and night, the versatility of Diesel&rsquos 5 pocket denim Safado in faded, sheen black is the actor&rsquos favourite.

Watch the video: Bradley Cooper - Black Eyes - Full Performance A Star Is Born (June 2022).


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