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Dining Hall Hacks to Make Your Food Taste Better

Dining Hall Hacks to Make Your Food Taste Better

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Don’t let your meal plan be an excuse for not eating well

Don't dread the dining hall with these hacks.

Going back to school is both exciting and a bit of a bummer. And even if you send summer off with a back to school party, you’re still going to feel a tinge of sadness as you head back to college and say goodbye to delicious home cooking. Because, let’s face it, dining hall food is more often than not pretty disappointing.

However, that’s no excuse to eat bad food! Even in the most disgusting dining hall, there is delicious food to be found if you know where to look. This is especially important for all those college students without kitchens who are pretty much confined to their meal plan. So we’ve gathered up a few hacks that you can use to ensure that your meal is always a happy one.

“Thai” Dipping Sauce

All you need for this is a couple of peanut butter packets, a dash sriracha or a comparable hot sauce, and one or two soy sauce packets. Combine all the ingredients and you’ll have a spicy, tangy sauce that is perfect for dipping that bland chicken breast in.

Microwave Nachos

Most dining halls are equipped with a microwave, which is perfect for this hack. Grab some tortilla chips, and then top them with cheese, beans, and anything else that you like from the salad bar. Then stick in the microwave for around 30 seconds, until the cheese is melted and delicious.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookies can usually always be found at a dining hall, and ice cream is a pretty standard dessert. This is even better if your dining hall is equipped with a soft serve machine.

Breakfast Parfait

Don’t feel confined to those runny eggs and rubbery hash browns every morning. Grab some yogurt, a bit of fruit, and granola from the cereal section and layer it to create a delicious breakfast that’ll be more satisfying than the hot food options.


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