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Easy Mango Iced Tea

Easy Mango Iced Tea

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    • Prep 5min
    • Total20min
    • Servings1

    This easy iced tea is sweetened with apple juice. Delish on a hot day!MORE+LESS-


    Updated August 4, 2016



    cups water


    mango black tea teabags


    cups chilled apple juice



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    • 1

      Boil the water. Add the tea bags and let brew for 10 minutes.

    • 2

      While the tea is brewing, add the apple juice to a 1 gallon pitcher.

    • 3

      Strain the tea bags using a heavy duty spoon and a fine mesh strainer. Discard the used tea bags. Pour the brewed tea into the pitcher. Add enough ice to make it one-gallon. Chill until ready to serve.

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    Our Mango Magic blend is a sunny infusion of soft, juicy mango and uplifting black teas. A richly enchanting brew, it’s sure to revitalise you at any time of the day.


    3 Ahmad Tea Mango Magic teabags

    4-5 tbsp sugar or as per taste

    Mint leaves for garnishing


    1.Wash and peel the mango, cut into cubes, make puree by blending in a blender, and set aside.

    2.Brew Ahmad Tea Mango Magic teabags in a teapot with boiling water.

    3.Add sugar while tea is still hot, pour tea into a pitcher, add lemon juice and then place in the fridge until chilled.

    4.When chilled, combine mango puree with prepared mango magic tea and mix well.

    Mango Iced Tea Recipe

    • 1 quart of water
    • 2 mangos
    • 4 tea bags (or however many your packages directs you to use for 1 gallon of tea)
    • 3 Tablespoons Truvia-type sweetener* or 1 cup sugar
    • 3 quarts water

    1. Heat first quart of water in a sauce pot.
    2. Peel and chop mango, and add to hot water.
    3. Bring to a simmer, and let simmer for five minutes
    4. Add tea bags and let steep for five minutes or more
    5. Strain into a pitcher or jar
    6. Stir in truvia or sugar
    7. Add remaining three quarts of water.
    8. Refrigerate.

    *P.S. I say Truvia-type, because truthfully, I’ve never used Truvia brand. We a local store brand in Truvia-shaped containers which is much cheaper.

    Hibiscus Tea Recipe

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    There&rsquos nothing quite like a good steak. I&rsquom partial to rib-eye, but a good sirloin is always welcome on my plate.

    Some purists may not approve of it, but I think a good steak is enhanced by a good chimichurri. And this mango chimi is definitely one to try.

    Packed with garlic, parsley, and shallots, everything can be chopped in a food processor to speed things up.

    I would also add a little mango in there to allow the flavor to really meld with everything.

    Serve over a perfectly crusted steak for a fresh twist on your dad&rsquos favorite.

    16 Easy-Peasy Mango Recipes For Those Who Just Can’t Have Enough Aam This Summer

    Mangoes are back in season and so is our love for it. Here are 16 easy ways to make your summers sweet-i-licious:

    It takes about 10 minutes to make this. All you need is 2 peeled medium-sized mangoes, cucumber, finely chopped sweet onion, lime juice, 2 tablespoons of orange juice, roughly chopped cilantro leaves, salt and pepper. You can add as many veggies as you want. Enjoy with chips or nachos.

    Source: Food Network

    Blend mango, milk, yogurt, ice and a little bit of honey till it's smooth and frothy. The whole process hardly takes 5 minutes.


    Mango and chia makes for a perfect combo for light, yet fulfilling mornings. It takes less than 5 minutes to make it. Put milk, chia seeds and maple syrup in a jar and let it refrigerate over night. Add fresh mango puree or chopped mangoes to it the next morning and enjoy a healthy breakfast.


    4. Eggless Mango Mousse

    This divine dessert needs only mango puree and cream. You can put them in layers in a glass and let it refrigerate for 4 hours or more. Garnish it with some berries and mint, and you're good to go.


    This acts like a coolant. It requires a few black or green tea bags, besides water, mango, sugar and some ice cubes. It takes about 15-20 minutes to make this. Blend mango pieces and water. Place this mixture with sugar over medium heat for a minute to make the syrup. Brew some strong black tea separately. Let both cool, mix it and serve.

    You can beat the heat with this refreshing drink. Making it is easier for those (including me) who struggle to peel the mangoes. It takes 3 medium sized green raw mangoes, sugar, roasted cumin powder, black salt, water, mint leaves and ice.

    Source: Sweetmango

    7. Mango Avocado Toast

    It's one of the quickest, easiest and healthiest way to calm your hunger pangs. Just mash the avocado on a toast brushed with olive oil and layer it with mango slices, pour some lemon juice and sprinkle some chili powder.

    Source: SeriousEats

    8. Mango Salad Dressing

    Those who are health conscious can go for this gluten-free, sweet and spicy salad dressing. It can be made quickly in a food processor, all you have to do is mix mangoes cubes, orange juice, cilantro, garlic, chilli flakes, honey, salt and extra virgin olive oil.

    Source: Whiskaffair

    9. Mango Spinach Smoothie

    This super healthy drink needs some kale leaves, banana, kiwi, spinach, orange juice, dragon fruit, hemp seeds, chia seeds, barley grass juice powder, Hawaiian Spirulina and basil. And your greens and vitamin intake is sorted.

    Source: livepurejenna

    You can make this drink in no time as it only calls for you to mix mango puree with water, lemon juice, chaat masala, black salt and cumin powder.

    Get some strawberries, chopped mango, tequila, ice and lime juice and all you need is 5 minutes to make your evenings perfect.

    Source: Source: madeleinelumley Source:

    14. Mango Graham Parfait

    Some crushed grahams, mango chunks, cream, condensed milk and this yummy layered dessert is all yours.

    Source: Keiseeinthecity

    15. Mango Cheesecake Parfait

    It'll take you only 15 minutes to make this good looking dessert. All you need is some assorted chocolate cookies, mango, cream cheese, condensed milk, whipping cream and sugar.

    Source: theflavoursofkitchen

    Chopping may kill your time a bit but overall preparation time shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes. It includes mango, bell pepper, carrot, bean sprouts, red chilli, onion, basil, mint, lime juice, lime zest, fish sauce, low sodium tamari, sriracha, sesame oil, honey and crushed peanuts.


    What are you waiting for? Go get started before the aam season ends!

    Mango Iced Tea

    Sweet and juicy Mango gives this refreshing iced tea a tropical twist. It certainly doesn’t fail to spread summer and sunshine-y flair.

    In our last few weeks in Southeast Asia I ate mangoes every day!

    I just knew how much I was going to miss this juicy, sweet, fruit so, I made sure to enjoy it as much as possible while I could. Every time we went out I picked up at least a couple of mangoes from the street vendors – the riper the better!

    I also tried hard to think of another way to use mangoes other than just eating them fresh (not that there is anything wrong with that).

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find fresh mint leaves so an adaption of my mojito mocktailwasn’t an option. Finally, I came up with the idea to flavor iced tea with mango. What could be more refreshing than iced tea and mangoes combined? Better yet, the mango can be a natural flavoring!

    Most recipes I saw online use mango nectar to make iced tea. I didn’t like this for 2 reasons:

    So, started by pureeing the flesh of one mango.

    There is a recipe video for Chicken Mango Salsa in the BlogHer TV player in the sidebar today. In the video Hilah shows how she is cutting mango and it is the exact same way I do it now after learning this method from a lady in Thailand –

    Then, I mixed the puree with fairly strong, brewed black tea. I found a ratio of 1-part mango puree to 2-parts brewed tea to be ideal. This makes the tea sweet and full on mango-goodness but not too sweet. See, I like sweet tea just as much as the next person, but I think there is a line as to how sweet it should really be. I think the mango made it just the perfect amount of sweet!

    I gave approximate volume amounts in the recipe but obviously the amount of puree you get will depend on the size of mango you use. So, if you have different amounts than the recipe, you’ll know to add twice as much tea as mango puree. (You can also make the puree from frozen mango, just let the chunks thaw first).

    The mango I used was super ripe and sweet, so I actually had no need to add any sweetener. If you like it sweeter, you can add honey, sugar or other sweetener to the finished tea.

    This mango sweet tea is great if you simply enjoy sipping sweet tea by the pool on a hot day, or for a fun summer party! I find sweet tea so refreshing and I can’t get enough with the added fresh mango! I hope you’ll give this little twist on sweet tea a try and if you do, please tell me what you thought! Also, if you tried something different or have any neat pictures, I would love to see them! Comment below or even send me a direct message! I love hearing from you guys and thank for reading!