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Cruise Ships vs. All-Inclusive Resorts: A Vacation Value Showdown

Cruise Ships vs. All-Inclusive Resorts: A Vacation Value Showdown

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We settle the debate as to which is the better vacation value: a cruise or an all-inclusive resort

You can relax just like this...all you need to do is pick the vacation type.

Sometimes the best vacation is one where you can forget about money for a bit. The only question is which type of vacation offers the best package deal: a cruise ship voyage or a stay at an all-inclusive resort?

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The answer used to be easy. All-inclusive resorts were called all-inclusive because the fact that everything was already paid for made them unique, kind of like winning an all-expenses-paid trip. With cruises, soft drinks, specialty coffees, and alcohol were not included (except on a few select luxury lines), meaning vacationers could end up with quite the bill at the end. Additionally, some activities were also exempt from the initial cruise price, including almost anything you do off the ship, with gratuities rarely included, either. However, cruises have sought to even the playing field in recent years, adding the option of beverage packages, excursions, and other add-ons to their offerings while booking and prior to boarding (sometimes even free as part of promotion). People today enjoy being able to customize everything — including vacations — and a cookie-cutter all-inclusive resort might not be the best fit for all.

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We looked at all the important aspects and variables for each type of trip and weighed the pros and cons to help you determine which vacation is better. After this, you’ll know what to expect for each and which will get you the best value. Read on to find out more.


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